Meet Steve the head teaboy and biscuit dispenser.

Steve's cycling began with the likes of Raleigh Grifters and Chippers, that's correct he is that old.

Since then he's completed some small rides including London to Paris, Saigon to Siam Reap and Nice to Geneva across the Alps to name a few, and has recently succumbed to the lure of ebikes, you can read about that here.

He's been in the cycle industry since 2009, and opened ebikecentre in 2011.

When he's not riding bikes, or advising customers on the various options open, he can generally be found in the kitchen at ebikecentre making the tea.

This is Jason our very own internet sensation.

He joined the business in 2018 and quickly became an integral part of the business.

His knowledge of ebikes and the motors is very impressive and he's generally an all round nice bloke, who'll answer all your questions and goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to you, the customer.

Jason started our YouTube Channel, which you see here,   in 2022.  Let us know what you think and "don't forget to subscribe".

Do take a look, but just don't ask for his autograph!

Carolyn is the queen bee at ebike towers.

Carolyn's spent a lot of her cycling time trying to keep up with Steve until receiving her first ebike in 2016, now she mostly waits for him at the top of all the hills.

Joining in 2019 she has brought a ray of sunshine and her office experience to the business.

When at ebikecentre she shares her time between helping with customer enquiries, keeping the paperwork up together and keeping the guys in line.

Not an easy job, but there's no-one more qualified to do it.

Rich is the head customer advisor.

He's been in the cycle trade since 2018, cutting his teeth at Halfords before moving to an ebike specialist.

A warmer person you could not wish to meet with his cheerful, attentive, helpful bedside manner when it comes to guiding you through the multitude of ebike options available from our dozen leading ebike brands.

Also a recent ebike convert, he can often be seen cycling into work on his Orbea.

This is Tom, workshop manager.

Tom joined ebikecentre in 2020 and has brought a wealth of experience with him.

Having spent all his working life in the cycle and ebike sector he now runs a team of four technicians looking after all your ebike and analogue bikes keeping them tip top.

Tom is the go to man for those obscure tricky tehnical questions that no one else has the answer for.

When not at work or riding his Trek Powerfly he can be found on the golf course working on his handicap.  

Meet Sam Tom's no.2

Sam runs the workshop in Tom's absense, a very knowledgeable, experienced, helpful cheeky chap technician who has also spent most of his working life in the cycle trade.

He also lends his helpful nature to the shop floor advising customers on the technical side of the bikes and helping customers with test rides when called upon.

When not tinkering with bikes, Sam likes to turn his knowledge to tinkering with his car. 

Heeerree's Jimbo!

James was one of Steve's first customers back in 2011 and has been at ebike towers since 2016.

A very keen cyclist having completed the South Downs Way many times.

He can be found in the workshop, or giving a personal experience setting up customers bikes in the comfort of their own home.

Or, eating everything in sight in the canteen.

This is Rhys.

Rhys completes the line-up, the baby of the bunch who towers above everyone else at 6" 6.

A competent technician, he spends his time in the workshop and has worked alongside Tom and Sam for many years.

When he's not helping with customer's bikes, you can occasionally see him performing his BMX tricks in the test ride area, or making people laugh with his dry sense of humour.