What is an eBike

Power that moves you forward,
to anywhere

An eBike is much more than a bicycle. The power of its electric motor helps you get around better. In the city, across the country or up a mountain. It gives you a power boost when you need it and makes you independent of timetables or parking spaces. eBikes take up little space and produce neither noise nor exhaust fumes. In return, you can focus on enjoying the ride, even at longer distances, or commuting and arriving at your destination without having to break a sweat.  And of course, an eBike offers an incomparable riding experience.

No wonder eBikes are booming

Their advantages are fascinating and convincing. And yet there are still many questions about the technology, how to operate eBikes, and about their use in road traffic. But don't worry, we'll explain everything you need to know here.

Hub motors

Hub drive motors sit in the middle of the wheel and drive the wheel directly. Hub drive electric bikes are cheaper than mid-drive motors, but less efficient, and less smooth, to ride.  They can to a degree "take over" the initial movement as it's a simple matter of a magnet passing a sensor on pedal rotation.  You can of course choose different modes to give you differing levels of assistance, or switch it off altogether, after all, it's still a bicycle.

Mid-Drive motors

With a vast majority of eBikes, a mid-motor is responsible for propelling you forward. This is for a good reason, it is located at the bottom bracket in the middle of the bike, which lowers the centre of gravity and leads to a balanced weight distribution. This makes bike handling easier, and the direct power transmission to the chain or belt conveys a natural riding feeling. And because the eBike motors, also called drive units, measure important riding data over 1000 times per second with their sensors, they always provide you with the optimum power precisely based on your input and tailor-made for you.

The fact that most eBikes use a mid-motor instead of a front or rear wheel motor brings another advantage. It retains the natural, familiar cycling feeling and you don't feel pushed (rear wheel motor) or pulled (front wheel motor), it feels like you, but with stronger legs.  In addition, with the mid-motor, the power can be controlled precisely via pedal pressure. Note that only a mid-motor can provide maximum power even at low speeds - it gives you thrust whenever you need it.

Batteries – the energy source for eBike fun

The eBike motor draws its energy from the eBike battery. It supplies the eBike motor with power and has a key influence on the range. That is why there are eBike batteries for different requirements as well as for different installation and mounting variations.  The batteries are Lithium Ion and the amount of power is measured in Wh, or Watt-hours.  The general rule of thumb is the bigger the number i.e. 300wh, 625wh etc.. the more miles you will be able to travel between charges.

The eBikes are provided with a charger, it can take up to 6 hours to charge a battery from flat, but you could potentially acheive 100 miles plus on a single charge (model, battery and mode dependant).

Riding fun everywhere

Riding an eBike is simply fun. Whether it's an adventure in the mountains or in the urban jungle: with the individual support levels, you always get the boost you need. Whether light, maximally efficient support in "Eco" mode, steady support for long distances in "Tour" mode or full power for top performance in "Turbo" mode as with the Bosch system.

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